Comfortable Grab Handles

Front Hatch

Scupper Plugs

1-way Drainage Valves

8 inch Center Hatch

8 inch Tankwell Hatch (optional)

Gear Tracks (optional)

Large Tankwell

Internal Rudder (optional)

Sea Lect Foot Braces

Deck Pads

Surf to Summit Seat (optional)

Beefy Straps

Transducer Scupper


Lowered footwells and advanced ergonomics makes the Scupper the fastest recreational sot ever.  Whether you’re facing waves, wind or just a whole lotta miles, this is the kayak to do it in.

Side View

Bottom View

Ocean Blue, Lime Green, Mango, Camo Green, Hot Pink

Composite colors available:  Jet Black, Ocean Blue, Lime Green


  • Length:  14’
  • Width:  25”
  • Weight:  59 lbs. in Plastic, 37 lbs. in Carbon Composite
  • Seat Width: 19″
  • Max Capacity:  340 lbs.


  1. Fold-Up Rudder System:  It goes deeper and you turn easier with our custom rudder that retracts into the hull and out of the way when you’re not using it.
  2. Center Console Storage Pod: Awesome dry space for your fishing or other stuff attaches to the center pillar, includes magnet for your
  3. Outrigger Pod System: Stabilize the kayak while allowing yourself the luxury of sitting up high while you fish, prepare to dive or eat lunch.  Plenty O’ Storage.
  4. Flush Mounted Rod Holders, Stern: 2 fishing rod holders behind the cockpit can be used for rods or just as flag holders for divers.
  5. Flush Mounted Rod Holders, Bow:  2 fishing rod holders conveniently placed directly in front of your feet.  Easy access.
  6. Gear Tracks:  62″ track holds everything and anything-side grab handles, the optional seat, thigh braces, rod holders, cell phone mounts.  The possibilities are as big as your imagination.
  7. Surf to Summit GTS Pro Seat:  Relax the miles away and let the comfort carry you further.
  8. Center Hatch:  Your stuff will stay dry in the 8″ Sea-Lect Performance Hatch, conveniently placed between your knees.
  9. Tankwell Hatch:  8″ 1/4 turn Sea-Lect hatch in the stern.
  10. Side Grab Handles:  Carry this lightweight craft with these convenient handles, which latch onto the track and adjust to your needs.
  11. Thigh Pads:  Track mounted support gives you that locked in feel for rough water paddling and even rolling.
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