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From Nov. 24-Dec. 8, Swell Watercraft held it’s first ever photo contest on Facebook.  The prize, a Swell Scupper 14’ kayak, was to be randomly awarded to one of the entrants.  Over 4000 amazing paddling pictures were entered!

Here are the very best, as judged by the Swell team:

10. Art Filek’s picture of paddling BENEATH Hartford, Connecticut

9. Chris Lewis’ perfect bluebird day of fishing

8. Joshua Johnson parts the Red Sea

7. Eric Clark captures “red sky at night, sailors’ delight”

6. Jeremy Kuo spearfishing with a Gull as a passenger

5. Jeff Martin captures the Fox Power Station, Providence , RI

4. Kevin Sullivan titled this pic “Paddling to Sloppy Joes”

3. Texas waterman Ricardo Saravia

2. Christine Tabor-Buchanon used some fauna to take this beauty.

1. Jeff Martin caught the smooth glassy water of the Connecticut River

Winner of the Swell Scupper kayak:

Beth Hale from Mendocino County, CA won the kayak in the random drawing.

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