The Scupper
It's Aggressive Like You, Yet Stable Enough For Your Grandparents.
Fish Aren't Waiting Around For You. Get there fast in a Scupper.
Work Smarter, Not Harder.
Speed and Comfort Combined Like Never Before.

Designed by Tim Niemier

When Tim carved a seat into a double surfboard in 1970, he just wanted to go diving.  He started a lifelong obsession with designing kayaks and ended up introducing the ‘sit-on-top’ to the masses. Read more about Swell.

1970 - Tandem Surfboard w/ Seat and Storage

1971 - First Ocean Kayak Scupper in Fiberglass

1972 - "Bump" Added to Hull for Scuba Tanks

1976 - Bigger Cockpit & Logo

1981 - 16' foot Fiberglass Scupper: the Longest Ever

1984 - The Scupper Classic: First Plastic Version

1989 - Scupper Pro: Greatest Sit-On-Top. Ever.

2010 - Scupper Thermoformed Prototype

2017 - The Swell Scupper is Released!

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